Montana's Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) is headed to our nation's southern border. According to a spokesman, Rosendale will be looking at how the Biden Administration’s policies are impacting our national security, immigration system, and the movement of illegal narcotics.

Rep. Rosendale joined us on the radio Tuesday morning with an exclusive preview of the trip. One of his biggest concerns is President Biden's move to freeze deportations of illegal aliens.

ROSENDALE: That's affecting 85% of the illegal aliens with criminal records that have been detained...the freezing is going to allow them to roam our streets and then our neighborhoods.

Rosendale also said he wants to assess the impacts of the 3 migrant caravans that are headed towards our southern border.

Even though Montana borders Canada, our nation's southern border with Mexico is very important to Big Sky Country. Right now, the meth that is flooding into our communities is pouring in from across the border due to the Mexican drug cartels.

Additionally, Montana and North Dakota companies have secured contracts to help build sections of the border wall that was also halted by Biden.

Rep. Rosendale has also been named to his first congressional committee.

Click here for the full audio of our conversation with Rosendale on our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast."

One of the points I made when talking to Congressman Rosendale is that in light of COVID-19 restrictions still in existence in the US, it seems law abiding small business owners get treated like criminals, while illegal aliens apparently get a pass under the Biden Administration.

That's why I found this bill interesting. According to The Federalist, proposed legislation in the US House "would cement immigration restrictions on illegal entry from Canada and Mexico for as long as the coronavirus pandemic persists." Click here for the full story.

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