Here they go again. Oh brother. Remember when Yellowstone National Park got dragged on social media over the "Black People Who Hike" story earlier this month? Now the National Park Service has Twitter users wondering if Vice President Kamala Harris has taken over their social media feed.

Last week, the National Park Service sent out a tweet saying, "To avoid crowds, visit areas that are less crowded." John Jackson, the Joker from Twitter who lives here in Montana, responded with: "Your federal government at work."

Some of the replies were pretty hilarious.

Nicole in Columbus: To avoid making a liberal scream, NEVER disagree with them...@aaronflint

Irene Almayda: To avoid car jacking, don’t get in a car.

Brooke in Billings: Smart enough to be the foreman for a jury 

@apppro1: Sounds like Yogi Bera "No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded."

Martha Lou: Kamala writing for them now??

Yordie Sands: To avoid the irritation of poison oak poisoning, avoid poison oaks.

Pfffft2: To avoid being alone, go where people are.

@TwoSeets: To prevent death, avoid being birthed.

@MickeyTRCSC: A DEI hire

@SamFromSC: Kamala’s speech writer!

@BlondieAtlanta: Lol I swear the Bee writes half the stuff the govt puts out.

Kerg: IRS : To pay less in taxes, make less money.



Speaking of National Parks, Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT) is not happy with the reservation system that is now required just to get inside the gates of Glacier. As Trump's Interior Secretary he oversaw the National Park Service system, and made it clear that this wouldn't be happening under his watch.

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