So, I paid my property taxes this week, just like many of you did. Some of you don't know that you did because you have yours included in your monthly house payment.

I looked up the taxes that I've paid on my house. I bought my house in 2006. And my taxes on it have gone up a little bit every year. Since I moved in there up until now, I've paid $47,989.88 in property taxes. That's not income tax or cell phone tax or any other type of tax. That's just the price I've had to pay to be allowed to live in my house.

Why are property taxes so high in Montana?

I think the majority of people don't know where most of their property tax dollars go. But I always like to go through mine and see where my dollars go. And there are a couple of things in there that I shouldn't have to pay for. But that's for a different day.

I personally believe that property owners in this state pay way too much. The Flathead Beacon reported last year that Montana's second-biggest source of revenue is our property taxes.

And remember that the more valuable your house is, the more you pay. And how do you know what your house is worth? They tell you. That's a handy situation, isn't it?

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And the funny part is I hear people speak proudly about how much their house is worth when they get their new tax statements.

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And here's something else. The place where you live is never "paid off". You eventually get the bank's balance paid off. But you will pay the county until you leave this earth or move back in with mom and dad.

We're being overtaxed.

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