We have trustees who serve on the boards of these libraries in Montana's bigger towns. Why should folks in Helena decide who they can and can't have run their local library? All but 8 of these Montana towns don't need Helena telling them who they can and can't hire- so why should Billings and Kalispell have the state dictate to them?

We caught up with Tammy Hall, a Montana State Library Commissioner, on Monday. We talked about the recent move by the commission to make it easier to hire library directors in the state's bigger towns. (I try to resist calling any town in Montana a city)

Tammy Hall: We have over 100 libraries in Montana, and only eight of them have this requirement from the State Library Commission.

Later in the conversation, Tammy Hall also issued a warning to parents and grandparents to be proactive about protecting kids. One, she said parents should watch out for an organization called Empower Montana, which Tammy says is pushing a radical, "woke" agenda. She says the organization is attacking people they define as "privileged."

Tammy Hall: These are the people who are privileged. Are you ready? White people, able bodied people, heterosexuals, males, Christians, middle-aged, middle-class people- or owning class people, in other words, you have a home- middle aged people...and English speaking people. So all of those categories are privileged people who don't deserve what they have, and have gotten it by abusing other people. And we should be very sorry and change our race.


She also warned parents about a book called "Gender Queer" that the radical American Library Association is recommending. Tammy says the book basically amounts to pornographic material that they are using to target kids.

Click the "On Demand" button here for our conversation with Tammy Hall. It is in the 2nd half of the 8 a.m. hour on Monday.

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