Senator John Barrasso, fresh off of a Thanksgiving dinner that he said was 'the most expensive in American history,' appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to discuss the Biden Administration's 'Build Back Better' infrastructure plan and its impact on inflation.

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On November 19, The House passed the Build Back Better bill, which included not just infrastructure repair, but also social repair. USA Today reports that the "The roughly $2 trillion package of liberal priorities would provide free preschool for 3-and 4-year-olds, cap certain drug costs, boost Pell grants for college tuition, expand family leave and provide a new benefit to care for seniors' hearing. It would address climate change through billions of dollars in incentive programs while spending money to elctrify up to 165,000 U.S. Postal Service trucks and creating a Civilian Climate Corps. It would increase corporate taxes and beef up IRS enforcement."

In a speech from the East Room of the White House, President Joe Biden spoke about the Build Back Better Bill, calling it a framework that will create millions of jobs and grow the economy.

"It's fiscally responsible," President Biden stated. "It's fully paid for. Seventeen Nobel Prize winners in economics have said it will lower the inflationary pressures on the economy. And over the next 10 years, it will not add to the deficit at all; it will actually reduce the deficit, according to the economists."

Senator Barrasso disagrees.

"I view this as a back-breaking bill with the country," Barrasso said in his typical alliterative style. "With the kind of expenses - the spending, the adding to the debt, the inflation, the taxes that are gonna hit the American people...for Joe Biden to say, 'We have to spend even more money on top of inflation; to me, this is 'Alice in Wonderland' logic. He's the Mad Hatter out here. He continues to try to mislead the American people; first saying the cost will be zero, zero, zero when the budget analysists have said it's going to be hundreds of billions of dollars added to the debt."

Barrasso continued, stating that "Peoples' taxes are going to go up. He said 'Oh no, only if you make over $400,000 a year.' That's not what the tax experts are telling us. They say 1 out of 3 middle class Americans will pay more in taxes. So on all of these issues and inflation, across the board people are saying we're looking at persistent inflation. We can not ignore inflation; that is the thing that is going to hurt our economy the most."

For reference, Wikipedia characterizes The Hatter as "switching places on the table at any given time, making short, personal remarks, asking unanswerable riddles, and reciting nonsensical poetry, all of which eventually drives Alice away."

To see Senator Barrasso's interview, view the video below.

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