Sometimes it helps to have a few friends in high places.  And sometimes that friend commends your work ethic, as Kid Rock recently did to our own Tim Montana.


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Kid Rock says that Tim Montana reminds him a lot of himself.

He reminds me a lot of myself when i was younger with his talent and work ethic, and he knows how to have a good time!

We won't dispute that statement at all.  When Tim was first starting out, he came to our studios with a rough copy of his song "Butte, America" asking if we'd play it on one of our stations. (We did. And Tim will admit that the KAAR-FM morning show was the first to play his music.  End of shameless self-promotion on my part.)   By this point in his career Tim had already studied under the legendary Johnny Hiland in California and was eager to begin making waves in the industry.  Hiland produced Tim's debut album "Iron Horse" in 2007 and it was through one of the subsequent shows promoting the album that he caught the attention of David Letterman.  Letterman was impressed enough to offer Tim a slot on his legendary "Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS in 2008.

Tim would meet legendary ZZ Top front man, the bearded Billy Gibbons in 2013, by which time Montana had grown a rather impressive beard himself.  Their meeting would lead to the song "This Beard Came Here to Party" which would be adopted by another impressive bearded contingent, the Boston Red Sox on their way to the 2013 World Series title.  Montana and his band, in addition to blaring thorough the Fenway Park Public Address system, would go on to play the National Anthem the following May at a ceremony honoring the team at Fenway Park.  Here is a clip of Tim and Billy Gibbons from the Fox News Channel.

Tim's path would eventually cross Kid Rock and the two would eventually collaborate on a couple of songs that would mesh their two styles seamlessly, one being "The Greatest Show on Earth" which would appear on Kid Rock's album Sweet Southern Sugar.

Well, Kid's recent Instagram post shows he's keen on Tim's new stuff as well.  Look for Tim coming back to Montana very soon with shows scheduled for The Newberry in Great Falls on May 27, the following evening at Happy's Inn in Libby and August 10 at Rockin' the Rivers.

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