We got a phone call from Charlie in Miles City on Friday morning. Did anyone else see this former Democrat Congressman and big Joe Biden supporter on Fox News? He had the big painting of the former Communist dictator Mao hanging over the mantle in the background.

I asked Charlie if he saw it with his own eyes. "Oh yeah," Charlie told us. I said, that's funny because another one of our listeners, Larry in Great Falls, had shared a screenshot of that online, and I wondered if it was fake. So I searched around a little bit, and turns out- it actually happened. Former Democrat Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. was live on national TV with a gigantic painting of the communist dictator right behind him.

I told Charlie that apparently Harry Ford "was just renting the place." It wasn't his actual apartment, he had told Special Report host Brett Baier. That invoked a pretty good laugh from both of us.

Then our producer Travis made a good point. Ford says, "I'm just renting the place." Travis added, "And he didn't remove the big portrait when he moved in??"

Great point Travis. Yeah, who scopes out an apartment to rent, sees a painting of one of the worst mass murderers and dictators in world history on the wall, and says- "Ill take it! I just LOVE what you've done with the place."

Who would do such a thing? A Joe Biden supporter of course.

YouTube video of Ford on Fox News:


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