Why are Montana Democrats so silent when it comes to the horrific terror attacks in Israel? Why are so many on the "woke" Left, especially on college campuses, embracing Anti-Semitism?

Jeremy Carl is a Senior Fellow with The Claremont Institute who lives in Bozeman. We discussed a couple of reasons why we believe this is the height of the nonsensical "woke" movement.

Aaron Flint: The "woke" movement sees Jews as white people. So they have to be against the Jews, because they see them as white people even though Jews are not- I mean, they're very diverse actually if you've been to Israel.

Jeremy Carl: Yeah, no- absolutely. And I think you've hit on it. Israel and Jews are seen as white and Western and successful. Those are all the sorts of things that the Left despises- not just in Israel but everywhere- and so they need to tear it down.

The full audio of our chat with Jeremy Carl starts around 840 a.m. in the below podcast. We also covered the topic with Twitch TV podcaster David Knobel (@LCTRfan).


By the way, the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party called out the Democrats for their silence on Israel. (To be fair some Democrat candidates have put out check the box statements on Israel, but that's about it)

Don "K" sent out this statement on Wednesday:

The fact that the Montana Democratic Party has the audacity to not stand up for Israel and unequivocally condemn these horrific acts of terrorism is heinous. In recent days, the world has watched in horror as Hamas terrorists massacre families in their homes, slaughter hundreds of innocent children and kidnap both Israelis and Americans, who are now being held as hostages.

The Montana Democratic Party's silence is disgraceful, and they need to make it clear that Hamas terrorist activities are totally unacceptable and need worldwide condemnation. There is never any justification for terrorism. Despite the Democrats' weakness, one thing is clear, The Montana Republican Party will always stand with Israel.

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