Good news: the Montana State Library Commission voted to sever ties with the "Marxist" led American Library Association on Tuesday.

The Washington Examiner added this:

At a meeting last month, the Montana State Library Commission reviewed a tweet from Emily Drabinski, the president-elect of the American Library Association, in which Drabinski described herself as a "Marxist lesbian."

I first spotted this news earlier this week by The Post Millennial thanks to one of our radio listeners via Twitter. The Post Millennial reported that Montana was taking the lead as the first state in the nation to finally sever ties with the ALA.

According to the Montana Family Foundation, "the Montana Library Commission voted 5-1 in favor of withdrawing from participation in the American Library Association. The Motion was presented by Commissioner Tom Burnett. The Commission voted in favor of the Motion on the grounds that it would be a violation of the Montana Constitution to associate with an organization with an avowed Marxist as its leader."

Chief Legal Counsel for the Montana Family Foundation, Derek Oestreicher, offered testimony in support of the Commission's motion. Here's part of what he told the commission before the vote:

Derek Oestreicher: While the office of the President of the ALA may have been historically 'ceremonial,' it is clear that the political ideology and vision of Ms. Drabinski is being carried out by the organization as a whole.  Ms. Drabinski's vision for the ALA is entirely inconsistent with Montana values, and the Montana Family Foundation is glad that the Commission is moving to withdraw from this organization.

This follows a similar storyline when the Montana School Board Association broke from their national association, after the national association was also pushing a discriminatory, anti-American agenda.

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