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Breaking news here on this Friday evening. According to Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT), suspicious letters containing an unknown white substance were mailed to at least two Montana lawmakers- including the AG's mother.

Here's the note that was shared around 6 p.m. Friday night by AG Knudsen:

AG Knudsen- Montana Legislators: my mother, Representative Rhonda Knudsen, just opened a letter addressed to her at her home address. It contained a white powder substance. The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office is on scene and collecting the evidence for testing. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS about opening your mail. If you receive a suspicious package, contact law enforcement immediately.

A Montana Department of Justice official also tells me that State Rep. Neil Duram (R-Eureka) also received a similar suspicious letter. Here's a photo of that letter he received:

Credit MT DOJ
Credit MT DOJ

The suspicious letters are apparently similar to the ones sent to a host of Republican lawmakers in Kansas, featured in the video below.


According to the Associated Press, Tennessee lawmakers also received suspicious letters with a white powder inside.

The incident comes a few days after officials in Kansas said that about 100 letters containing suspicious white powder, which preliminary tests found negative for common dangerous toxins, were sent to lawmakers at their homes and to other public officials across the state.

We will keep you posted on any new info as we get it. We have also reached out to a spokesperson for the regional FBI office to find out if any testing has been conducted on the letter that was sent to Rep. Knudsen in Northeastern Montana.


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