Do you guys remember Kirk Cameron? Remember when he was here in Montana? I got to hear him speak a few years ago at the Billings Christian School fundraiser one Spring.

He was, of course, a popular Hollywood actor- especially back in the 80's and 90's. I joked on the radio Wednesday morning that I think my babysitter had a crush on him back when I was a kid on Montana's Hi Line in the 1980's.

With today being flag day, I thought it was very interesting what Kirk Cameron had to say on Fox News with Jesse Watters on Tuesday night. Cameron and Watters were talking about how the Biden White House flew the transgender flag front and center over the American flag, in violation of US Flag Code.

Kirk Cameron also talked about the topless transgender activists who were on the White House lawn. He used that to also talk about how Americans have confused the terms freedom and liberty. He then added this about George Washington:

Kirk Cameron: Joe Biden raised the pride flag in violation of US flag protocol. George Washington raised the humility flag during his presidency, as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in 1775. He raised the flag of humility with the phrase "an appeal to heaven." And if we want to get America out of this mess, and on the right track, we've got to replace pride, which is all about me, with humility- which is about God and one another. That's why I'm writing these books. Like this one- "Pride Comes Before the Fall"- teaching kids about humility and kindness.


Watters then asked Cameron where this phrase, "Pride Comes Before the Fall," comes from.

This is actually quoting a scripture verse- pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. It's better to be humble with the lowly than to share plunder with the proud. Kids need to understand that pride is the pregnant mother that gives birth to all forms of evil, because it's about myself and about me. Humility is about others, and that's where their blessing is.

Here's the video of Kirk Cameron on with Jesse Watters:

What is the "Appeal to Heaven" flag? What does it look like? David Barton with The Wallbuilders explains in the following video:

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