Where's everybody at on advertisers doing their own commercials?

As somebody who has voiced thousands of commercials, I can tell you that I'm torn. Some business owners are quite articulate and explain what they are advertising as well as any radio voice-over guy. And in many cases, I believe it's better if they do their own spots.

Other times, the ads are too over the top or are just obvious cries for attention.

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I always liked Dan The Vacuum Cleaner Man's commercials which he voiced. And each one ended with Stewarts Vacuums, where vacuums grow on poles.

His ads were what ads are supposed to be. He clearly conveyed the product information. He told you what was on sale if there was something. And his cute little tagline set his business apart from every other place in town that sold vacuums.

And vacuums aren't something that you buy very often so his constant advertising over the years tended to put his business on the top of listeners' minds.

Going way back, Jake Jabs did his own spots for American Furniture Warehouse. And he sold enough furniture to folks that he ended up in the Colorado Business Hall Of Fame.

And now that you can buy everything online, local advertisers really have to come up with a creative ad that will entice customers to still shop locally.

And the funny part about online shopping is that some people don't even care that with delivery charges, the item they ordered is more expensive but they didn't have to get off their butts and go to the store and get it.

My UPS guy says that he delivers a TON of the 50-pound bags of dog food to people's houses.

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