There was a caller from Billings that really set me off on the radio Tuesday morning. He mentioned how the VA Clinic in Billings that is supposed to be serving our veterans is STILL requiring masks.

The Marine Corps veteran said they also still have a big sign out front reminding veterans that they will be forced to wear masks. What a slap in the face to those who served, literally and figuratively.

Whoever is still forcing these masks on these vets here in Montana reminds me of the boss in the movie Christmas Vacation. Instead of sending Clark Griswold a Christmas bonus, the jerk boss enrolled him in the jelly of the month club instead. I joked- is it time to send in Cousin Eddie? Of course, we don't want Cousin Eddie running in there and kidnapping whatever tyrant is forcing this garbage on our veterans- but somebody should have them fired and hauled out of there by the VA Police vehicle sitting out front.

Chris Enget with Concerned Veterans for America-Montana tells me that, yes, the VA in Montana is STILL requiring masks even though the VA Secretary removed the mandate.

After the show this morning, I sent off some questions to the public affairs contacts for the Montana VA headquarters in Helena:

I've been fielding reports that the VA Clinics in Billings, Montana and Butte, MT are still requiring masks for veteran, even though big VA is no longer requiring them and practically no other hospitals or clinics in town require them either. Why are our veterans, who fought for our freedoms, the ones who still don't get to enjoy this freedom?
What is the name and title of the person who is forcing masks on veterans and the great staff members who work in these clinics here in Montana?

I'll let you know what/if I hear back.


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