The polls look very bad for Democrats heading into 2024- well, at least for Joe Biden. A New York Times poll released a few days ago shows Trump beating Biden in several battleground states.

Jim Messina managed Barack Obama's 2012 presidential campaign. He was also a longtime staffer to former Democrat Senator Max Baucus of Montana. Ahead of Tuesday's elections in Virginia and Ohio, Messina said he wanted to see what happened Tuesday to get some insight on 2024.

Needless to say, Tuesday was a very good night for Democrats in Virginia and Ohio. So what does that mean for Montana in 2024? I think it should be a big wake up call for conservatives and everyday Montanans who want to see our country headed in a better direction: don't take 2024 for granted. Just because conservatives did well in 2020 and 2024 doesn't mean you will win the most important US Senate race in the country in 2024.

Montana's US Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) and MT GOP Chairman Don "K" agree.

Here's what Don "K" said via on Tuesday night:

What happened in Virginia Kentucky and Ohio tonight should be a wake up call for Montana Republicans. We must work hard these next 365 days to keep Montana Montana! It won’t be easy. Ground game good candidates and $ will be the key. Donate at and volunteer today!!!


I also caught up with Senator Daines Tuesday morning, and he agrees that Montana can't take 2024 for granted.

Senator Daines (R-MT): The 2024 election is- it's a once in a decade opportunity for us to retake the United States Senate. We don't get a chance like this again until 2030. We have a very good map. We have red states. We have Democrats up. You think about Montana- every single major statewide office holder is a Republican except for Jon tester. In Ohio, the same thing is true except for Sherrod Brown, the one lone Democrat. In West Virginia, that's true, except for Joe Manchin. So we have these red states. They're Trump states where we've got to win Senate seats, because if we don't- we don't have any red states with Democrats up for Senate seats in 26 or 28. So 24 is the year, and I can tell you- Montana is going to be ground zero. We win the US Senate race in Montana against Jon Tester- we win back the United States Senate, because I think Joe Manchin is not going to run again in West Virginia. That takes us to 5050. We win Montana, we've got the majority.

Senator Daines added that Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy is THE Republican who can take the fight to the Democrats in 2024.

Full audio of our chat with Senator Daines and more is below:



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